The answer is yes!

I’m a huge fan of Netlify, but couldn’t find any resources on building (and hosting) a PureScript site on the platform.

It turned out to be pretty straightforward, however I wanted to share a minimal example with instructions so that it’s even easier for people in the future.

A couple of points:

  • I found the only way to install binaries (e.g. purescript or psc-package) is if they are bundled as npm packages. (I was wrong about this, thanks @alex_berg)

  • As their build image doesn’t have any PureScript support, you have to download and install everything fresh each time, which can add a few minutes to build times.

  • In my example the build command is npm run build and publish directory is dist.

My example repo is on GitHub and you can visit it at - although it just logs “Hello sailor!” to the console!